New rules on marks of origin 2


The Administrative Regulations on Marks of Origin was passed by the State Administration for Import and Export Commodities Inspection and Quarantine (SACIQ) on March 5, 2001, effective from April 1, 2001.

The regulations aim to put in place rules that are in line with the WTO Agreement on Rules of Origin. They deal with certification and administration work for marks of origin, including marks of origin application, evaluation and registration.

"Marks of origin" under the regulations include marks of the countries of origin and geographical marks.

Marks of origin registered by the SACIQ are “certified marks of origin.” A certified mark of origin is protected, and products with certified marks of origin are treated more favorably in terms of commodities inspection, quarantine procedures, release of goods, etc.

The SACIQ periodically publishes a list of products with Protected Marks of Origin. <<p class="text">For further information please contact Luke Filei on [email protected] or +86 10 6590 0389 in Beijing or +86 21 6289 6363 in Shanghai.