OFT consults on new fining powers and on competition

United Kingdom

On 26 February 2004, OFWAT commenced a consultation on the criteria it should take into account in deciding whether to fine water companies and how much to fine them.

Fines of up to 10% of aggregate annual turnover may be imposed under the Water Act 2003 for breach of licence conditions, failure to meet required customer services performance standards or failure to meet other legal obligations.

Responses should be received by 5pm on 31 May 2004.

On 27th February 2004 OFWAT published a joint consultation with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Welsh Assembly on proposals designed to increase competition in the UK water industry. These include possible changes to existing water companies' licences and the introduction of extra licence conditions for new water suppliers.

Responses should be received by 5pm on 21 May 2004.

The text of both consultations will shortly be available at http://www.ofwat.gov.uk/

For further enquiries please contact Richard Temple on +44 20 7367 3738 or [email protected]