Environment Law Update - Shipment of waste

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Shipment of waste

The European Commission has voiced its opposition to the Parliament's first reading of the proposed regulation on shipments of waste. The Regulation would amend Regulation (EEC) 259/93 on the supervision and control of shipments of waste within, into and out of the EC. It covers notification of a shipment through to final disposal or recovery. The new regulation would require exporting and importing countries to give explicit prior written, rather than tacit, consent to all shipments of waste for disposal and to shipments of hazardous and semi-hazardous waste for recovery. The Commission claims that the Parliament's proposals would lead to significant restrictions on the shipment of waste by extending the grounds for authorities to block shipment. It adds that some amendments would violate the EU treaty and are not compatible with EU harmonisation of the trade in waste. The Council of Ministers has yet to consider the proposed regulation, with a common position expected around autumn 2004.

(European Commission, March 2004)

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