The EU Mediation Atlas: Practice and Regulation

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The first comprehensive guide to mediation throughout the EU, The EU Mediation Atlas: Practice and Regulation was launched last week at an International Conference in The Hague. The book was a joint venture between CMS and CEDR and was written by CMS Cameron McKenna solicitor Jayne Singer. It compares the different approaches to mediation across EU member states and will be an invaluable resource to help to resolve international disputes involving parties in the EU. The publication will also be an extremely useful aid when drafting dispute resolution clauses and considering the suitability of particular governing laws.

Jayne Singer said that the unique nature of the book will make it a useful tool for European lawyers: "The responses to the survey for this book revealed that the potential pitfalls involved in mediating in the EU are immense. This book provides a practical guide to identifying and avoiding those obstacles for all those practising, teaching or generally interested in mediation."

The book's publication coincides with the European Commission's adoption of a Directive for harmonising mediation in civil and commercial disputes across the EU.

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