UK HITF Report: encouraging medical technology innovation in the NHS

United Kingdom

The Health Industry Task Force, a collaboration between the government and the medical technology sector, was launched on 17 November. The four Working Parties agreed on a series of actions that will now be implemented. Progress on implementation will be monitored.

In essence, the aim is to speed up, first, the identification and development of innovative technologies, secondly, the progress of such technologies through the evaluation and procurement processes, and, thirdly, uptake and use by the NHS.

Major changes announced by the Department of Health include:

  • an Innovation Centre to stimulate and promote innovation in the NHS
  • piloted Healthcare Technology Co-operatives as accademic centres of excellence
  • building R&D capacity through UK Clinical Research Collaboration Centres
  • a modernised Device Evaluation Service to be managed by the NHS Procurement and Supply Agency (PASA).

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