Environment calendar - monthly update – July 2005

United Kingdom

Attached is a link to our updated environment calendar.

The calendar covers key dates for proposed and existing legislation and policy relating to major environment issues in the EU and England.

The calendar sets out the next major stage for proposed legislation and the enforcement dates for current legislation, as well as closing dates for major consultation papers relating to the EU and England.

In particular, it will provide a useful tool for environment managers tracking new legislation for the purpose of implementing of administering an environment management system such as ISO 14001or EMAS. It will also be helpful for those in environment technologies industries seeking new opportunities by highlighting coming legislation.

Key developments this month

  • The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations and the List of Wastes (England) Regulations come into force on 16 July.
  • Expected proposal for a Directive to review Directive 96/62/EC on ambient air quality and its daughter directives
  • Consultation on the IAEA regulations on the transport of radioactive material closes on 22 July.

The calendar is updated monthly and a reminder sent out each month with a link to the updated calendar.