Slovakia: new court fees


From 1 January 2006, court fees have been increased by an average of 1%.

Claimants in commercial cases have to pay a court fee of 6% of the amount recovered, subject to a minimum SKK 2,000 and a maximum of SKK 1,000,000. For civil disputes, the percentage fee is the same but the minimum is SKK 500 and the maximum is SKK 500,000.

The fee for establishing a limited liability company is SKK 10,000 and SK 25,000 for a joint-stock company. A further SKK 2,000 is payable for making changes to the statement of particulars.

The court fees for recovery by distraint (in addition to the distrainer’s fee) are SKK 500 when filing the petition and, where the distraint was unsuccessful, SKK 3,000 when filing a petition to suspend distraint.