Czech Republic: new construction laws

Czech Republic

From 1 January 2007, a new Construction Act will govern zone planning and regulate the conditions for siting, construction and use of buildings. As always, the full impact of these changes for property developers and the construction industry will depend on how they are applied in practice by the planning authorities.

Key changes to be introduced by the new legislation are:

  • simplified procedures for some zone planning and permit procedures. In some cases, it will only be necessary to give notice or seek planning/building consent instead of going through the full planning/building permit procedure.
  • additional public rights in zoning and some planning permit proceedings, such as requirements for public hearings in planning applications on large projects and for notice of proposed developments to be posted on signs located near to the site or as designated by the planning authority.
  • new rights for authorities to make planning consent for large developments conditional on reaching planning agreements with the developer regarding the construction of infrastructure necessary to serve the project.
  • regulations affecting all property owners, not merely developers, such as the requirement for all building owners to have in place plans documenting the current state of the building, even if it means having new plans drawn up from scratch. If they sell the property, they will also have to hand any such plans over to the purchaser.

For a fuller summary of the implications of the new legislation, please click here.