Competition Survival Pack

United Kingdom

The practice of competition law develops apace. The European Commission is emphasising the importance of sector investigations as a tool for finding out more about markets – most recently in financial services and downstream energy businesses. It is also carrying out a review of Article 82 and of the private enforcement of competition law, is updating its merger guidance and has produced a thorough review of state aid priorities.

In the UK, the OFT is engaged in a substantial redevelopment of its organisational structure and of its approach to understanding how markets work. Damages actions in the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal based on breaches of competition law are becoming more frequent and challenges to the Office of Fair Trading’s decisions have made new law. The Competition Commission’s caseload includes an increasing number of sector inquiries as well as merger referrals. These are energetic times for competition law enforcers.

All business people and their advisers need to know about competition law. Our Competition Survival Pack provides an overview of the essentials and explains the impact of the law on your business. It is relevant to in-house counsel, company directors and those responsible for competition compliance. Click here to access the pack.

What our survival pack contains:

  • Competition law in the EU and UK - basic principles
  • Restrictive agreements
  • Vertical agreements
  • Horizontal agreements
  • The cartel offence
  • Trade associations
  • Market definition and market power
  • Abuse of a dominant market position
  • Pricing issues
  • Test your competition knowledge
  • Compliance programmes
  • Competition authorities' powers of investigation
  • What you need to know about dawn raids
  • Dealing with the authorities
  • Concurrent powers of regulators in the UK
  • Modernisation
  • EU enlargement
  • Litigating competition
  • EU merger control and merger checklist
  • National merger control in the UK and other countries and UK merger checklist

Sector overviews

  • Technology transfer block exemption
  • Lifesciences and competition law
  • The oil and gas industry - do's and don'ts in competition law

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