Hungary: Competition Office sector inquiry into digital media market


The Hungarian Competition Office has recently opened a sector inquiry into the digital media market in Hungary to ensure that it is and continues to be operated in the interests of consumers.

The inquiry will involve a wide-ranging consultation with all companies operating in the digital media sector with a view to delivering a report by August 2008. The inquiry will cover various aspects of digital broadcasting including:

  • whether there are any anti-competitive elements in the conditions for broadcasting certain channels which might be deterring anyone considering entering the market
  • whether the current limited number of TV channels gives rise to excessive fees being charged for TV adverts
  • whether there are any anti-competitive elements in the conditions for access to broadcasting rights for sports and popular movies

The decision to conduct a sector inquiry does not suggest that the market is currently distorted by anti-competitive behaviour. The Hungarian Competition Office wants to ensure that consumers benefit from the positive effects of increased competition and persity of choice in the market, and is concerned that there may currently be unnecessary restrictions on market entry.

Businesses in the digital media sector should expect inquiries from the Competition Office. The Budapest Office of CMS Cameron McKenna will be happy to provide details of the process and to help in the preparation of responses.