ID Cards: An Update

United Kingdom
  • British citizens will not be forced to obtain identity cards until 2012, over two years later than originally planned, leaked Home Office documents have shown. ID cards will be issued to foreign nationals from this year, and available to British nationals who want them from 2009.
  • Further leaked documents suggest that certain sectors of the public may effectively be compelled to join the scheme from 2010, despite a statement from the prime minister announcing that ID cards will not become compulsory for British citizens without Parliament’s approval. The disclosed documents suggested linking the obtaining of new bank accounts, student loans and drivers licences to the issuing of the cards.
  • In accordance with the framework timetable, only 6 companies now remain as prime contractors in the competitive dialogue stage. Fujitsu Services, CSC, EDS, IBM, Steria and Thales will now receive the draft contract and high level business requirements in their bids to become one of five companies likely to be awarded a contract in May.