The Tracker: the passage of Bills in Parliament, of interest to commercial organisations

United Kingdom

Welcome to the May issue of The Tracker, this month shows the list of Bills piling up as we get further into the Parliamentary session:

  • The "Right to Roam (Mobile Phones) Bill" suggests there is a poet with his heart on Kinder Scout somewhere amongst the telecommunications legal draftsmen
  • The Sale of Wine (Measures) Bill has (in the editor’s grateful opinion) fortunately been assigned a long-stop provision date for second reading in late June. Long gaps in the timetable, as regular readers of the Tracker know, is a reliable indication of a Bill’s probable failure
  • The Citizen’s Initiative (Legislation) Bill was introduced on 30 April but its provisional date for second reading on 17 October 2008 reveals the Government’s private thoughts
  • Finally, the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill was granted Royal Assent on 8 May 2008 I hope you find this issue of the Tracker useful, please click here to view the publication as a pdf in a new window.