Government and industry reach agreement on radar and wind energy

United Kingdom

A memorandum of understanding was signed on 13 June 2008 between various governmental departments and wind energy industry representatives. This agreement aims to remove the aviation and radar barriers to the expansion of wind energy.

This agreement, which follows the problems caused by offshore wind turbines to both civilian air traffic controllers and the military due to their potential interference with radar systems, will be of interest to companies interested in getting involved in Round 3 of the UK’s offshore wind energy programme.

Key features of the MoU

The signatories have agreed to:

  • explore technological solutions for air defence and air traffic radar, as well as radar absorbent wind turbine technology;
  • shorten pre-planning times through the introduction of a web-based screening tool for the early planning stage;
  • establish a new Aviation Management Board which reports directly to Ministers; and
  • work with industry to establish financial and staffing resources dedicated to finding solutions.

John Hutton stated that the agreement would help lead to faster consenting decisions and help the UK meet its renewable energy targets for 2020.


The memorandum of understanding was signed by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (DBERR), the Ministry of Defence, the Department for Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority, NATS and the British Wind Energy Association.

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