Slovakia: no compulsory working for retail employees on public holidays


An amendment to the Labour Code outlawing work in retail operations at Christmas, New Year and Easter has been signed by the President of the Slovak Republic and is expected to be pronounced in the Collection of Acts shortly.

This means that employees working in retail operations will be prohibited from working on 1 January, Easter Sunday, 24 December after 12.00 noon and 25 December, whether or not they are willing to do so.

Some retail operations are exempt:

  • fuel and oil sales at petrol stations
  • retail sales and dispensation of pharmaceuticals in pharmacies
  • retail sales at hospitals, airports, harbours and other public transport places
  • sales of travel tickets
  • sales of souvenirs

The change is designed to combat widespread abuse – particularly by large retail chains – of the current law which allows [retail] employees to be required to work on public holidays in special circumstances. However, the change does not extend to employees providing services to consumers, who are often also made to work on these days.