Trustee Knowledge Update 2

United Kingdom

We have now published the fourth edition of our Trustee Knowledge Update. The Update aims to provide trustees with information on recent legal developments to help them satisfy their duties in relation to the requirements in the Pensions Act 2004 concerning the need for knowledge and understanding of the law relating to pensions and trusts.

Some of the key features of this Update are:


  • Proposed extension of moral hazard powers
  • Consultation on conflicts of interest
  • Revised clearance guidance


  • Consultation on GMP equalisation


  • Bainbridge v Quarters Trustees : whether a DC section was a separate fund
  • Gregson v HAE Trustees : duties of directors of trustee companies


  • Changes to the Employer Debt Regulations
  • Revised Transfer Value Regulations

A full copy of the latest edition of our Trustee Knowledge Update can be accessed by clicking here.