2020 Climate Package Series: Your Q&A Guide to the Renewable Energy Directive

United Kingdom

Following the launch of its first Q&A guide on Thursday 2 July as part of its “2020 Climate Package Series”, CMS Cameron McKenna issues today its Q&A guide on the EU’s new Renewable Energy Directive, the second guide in the series.

The new Renewable Energy Directive is a landmark piece of legislation that will require the EU to increase its consumption of energy from renewable sources to 20% of the total gross consumption of energy in the EU by 2020. This Q&A guide will provide readers with:

  • an overview of the main obligations imposed on Member States;
  • the different ways in which Member State can reach their renewable energy targets and the role the private sector can play in achieving these objectives;
  • a summary of the new grid access provision for renewables; and
  • an overview of the main provisions relating to the EU’s biofuel targets for 2020.

To access the Q&A guide, please click here.

To access the previous law-now launching the 2020 Climate Package Series and the first Q&A guide on Phase 3 of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, please click here.

The third Q&A guide on the Carbon Capture and Storage Directive will soon be available via law-now.