CMS Cameron McKenna launches 2020 climate package series

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Following the EU’s final approval of a set of directives aimed at helping the EU reach its climate change targets for 2020, CMS Cameron McKenna launches today a series of Q&A brochures aimed at helping those who wish to understand the key elements of this new legislative package and the potential key impacts on your business.

The series will initially consist of 3 brochures looking at the following 3 directives:

  • the new EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) Directive, which introduces various changes to the design of the EU ETS ahead of Phase 3 of the Scheme (due to start in 2013) aimed at helping the EU reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases by 20% below 1990 levels by 2020
  • the new Renewable Energy Directive, which aims to increase the EU’s consumption of energy from renewable sources to 20% of the EU’s total gross consumption by 2020
  • the new Carbon Capture and Storage Directive, which introduces a new regulatory framework for the onshore and offshore storage of carbon dioxide.

Phase 3 of the EU ETS: your Q&A guide

This brochure, the first in the 2020 climate package series, provides a series of key questions and answers with respect to Phase 3 of the EU ETS (2013 - 2020). In particular, this Q&A guide will provide readers with:

  • an overview of the key features of the EU ETS
  • the key changes that will be introduced for Phase 3 of the EU ETS and
  • a summary of the key impacts of the EU ETS on the aviation sector, which will become bound by the Scheme in 2012.

To access the Q&A guide, please click here.

The Q&A guides on the Renewable Energy Directive and the Carbon Capture and Storage Directive will soon be available via law-now.