Ukraine: deadline approaching for Ukrainian aircraft operators under the EU ETS


By 31st August 2009, Ukrainian aircraft operators, operating flights to and from EU airports which are included into the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) will have to submit their tonne-kilometres monitoring plan to the competent authority of their respective administering EU Member State. Failure to meet this deadline may impair the ability of operators to claim free European Union Allowances in future.

However, some countries, in particular the UK, have postponed this deadline, as a result of the failure of the European Commission to publish the finalised list of aircraft operators to be covered by the EU ETS.

More detailed information on the obligations of Ukrainian aircraft operators under the EU ETS as well as the list of covered operators and their administering states, may be found in our Q&A guide, Inclusion of Ukrainian Airlines into the EU ETS: What to Do and What to Expect (in Ukrainian).

Please also refer to our brochure, Phase 3 of the EU ETS: your Q&A guide (in English), for the key questions and answers with respect to Phase 3 of the EU ETS (2013 - 2020).