The Heavyweight - banking law developments, January 2010

United Kingdom

Welcome to the January issue of the Heavyweight, with developments in this month's banking and insolvency law.

Some interesting items to note this month:

  • Guidance to attorneys in dealing with banks has been issued by the Law Society, with solicitors who have been appointed attorney in mind.
  • Companies House have updated their notes on how to remove or restore a company or a limited liability partnership to the register.
  • A case that looks at the consequences of a bank failing to segregate client moneys - re Lehman Bros. Int. (Europe) (in administration).
  • Consultation on proposals to oblige mortgage lenders to obtain a court order/borrower consent before repossession.
  • An updated Global Master Securities Lending Agreement (2010) has been published by ISLA.

If you would like any further information about anything in this issue, please do not hesitate to contact Ruth Pedley. There is a large archive of past issues of the Heavyweight on Law-Now that will help you when you are performing a searching for banking law material on the site.

The Heavyweight - banking law developments, January 2010