Heavyweight June 2010

United Kingdom

Welcome to this month's issue of the Heavyweight.

A few points to note this month:

  • The OFT are busy ranging across the wide spectrum of banking practice with their studies on the one hand into investment banking and on the other, into the provision of high-cost credit.
  • Proposals to introduce identity cards are to be scrapped by the introduction of the Identity Documents Bill.

There has been a lot of EU activity:

  • The EU consultation on stand-alone legislation dealing with potential risks arising from short selling is underway and responses are due by 10 July.
  • Similarly, the EC is consulting on clearing and risk mitigation of OTC derivatives and is now in the process of finalising its draft legislative proposals. Responses are due, again, on 10 July.
  • An important EC Green Paper has been published on corporate governance in financial institutions and remuneration policies that raises questions such as whether bank directors should owe a duty of care to depositors and other stakeholders.

I hope you find this issue of the Heavyweight useful.

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