CMS publishes comprehensive European electricity guide


CMS is pleased to launch the CMS Electricity Guide; a comprehensive regulatory guide to electricity markets across a number of European jurisdictions and to the European Union as a whole. CMS tapped into its broad expertise from 22 offices across Europe to provide a thorough introduction to the fascinating and complex electricity sector.

CMS Electricity Guide is a joint effort from experts in CMS offices throughout Europe who have deep knowledge of the electricity sector by acting as advisors in implementing electricity projects, reforms, privatisations, and mergers and acquisitions. This expertise, combined with CMS presence as the largest law firm in Europe, places CMS in unrivalled position to guide clients through the volatile and changing landscape of electricity regulation.

The chapters are designed to assist in understanding the electricity sector across Europe and provide a general overview of each jurisdiction’s overall legal framework. The guide provides a sector analysis, generation, transmission, distribution and supply structures, as well as energy exchange/trading, support to renewables and sector statistics. Furthermore, the guide brings an insight into the main regulations and laws, authorities and market players in the regional energy sector.

Through this guide you will be able to compare electricity regulations across jurisdictions and spot potential opportunities and/or challenges. The guide is in the form of an interactive map which you can click through to select and compare the position in your countries of interest.

For further information, please contact us on [email protected] or click on the following e-guide link: