Gender pay gap reporting: preparing for publication

United Kingdom

The gender pay gap is something that continues to attract attention, with government moves to achieve greater transparency now gaining traction.

The mandatory duty to publish

The Draft Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2016 (the Draft Regulations) were fi nally published in February 2016.

Who is in scope?

The Draft Regulations apply to private and public sector businesses who employ 250 employees at the relevant date. The duty to publish will not come into effect until April 2018, although by 30 April 2017 employers should have produced a preliminary data snapshot.

What information should be published?

We now know that employers will be required to publish both the median and the mean gender pay gap fi gure for pay and the mean fi gure for bonuses. This includes commission payments, LTIP’s and the cash value of shares. Employers will also have to state the proportion of employees who receive bonuses.

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