Can pharma keep up with the challenges of digital healthcare?

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Pharma companies are beginning now to focus on harnessing advances in digital technologies in their businesses, from mining genomic data to identify new drug targets, to establishing the most appropriate patients for targeted and personalised treatment, and creating tracking systems to monitor clinical trials in real time.

That there are opportunities for pharma in the digital revolution is not in doubt. However, the sector realises its models have to change in order to capture these. Ali Parsa, chief executive of UK digital healthcare provider Babylon, believes that pharma as a whole "needs some reengineering" given that its operating model has not really changed for decades. This new territory also triggers questions about the challenges that come with digital health including data privacy, security, patient behavior, and rules and regulations.

In this feature CMS and Scrip get the perspectives of leading industry players, including AstraZeneca, Novartis and Qualcomm on the inevitable coming of digitised healthcare and discuss the key challenges they will face.

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