Network sharing 3.0


CMS is delighted to be presenting this third edition of its study on the sharing of telecommunication networks in the EU and selected territories around the world. The first edition was highly influential and received a great deal of interest; the second edition added further depth to our analysis, covered several more countries and was also widely quoted and referred to.

This third edition expands in scope again. Firstly, our growing network of offices has allowed us to consider local developments in a greater number of territories than before. Secondly, we now consider the broader gamut of telecommunications-related cooperation and deals; this reflects the wide range of cooperation visible in a world where fixed – mobile convergence is a reality.

This is particularly important in the context of 5G, which is on a trajectory to become the first telecommunications standard that traverses both the existing ‘fixed’ and ‘mobile’ infrastructure worlds. It is striking that while 5G has received little mention with respect to many of the transactions covered by this report, operators’ strategic repositioning is unmistakable as they prepare to implement a very expensive, network-dense technology with an unclear business case.

Against this backdrop of change, viable commercial and legal structures are essential, as is clear regulatory guidance. We hope that this study proves to be a valuable resource in considering those objectives. To re

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