Recent developments in the Electronic Vehicles sector in Bulgaria


Even though Bulgaria is relatively small market and undeveloped as regards electric vehicles (“EVs”) in the past few months we see some will of the authorities to improve the environment so that to achieve the set goals in the policy documents.

As to the legislative amendments, there is a draft bill for the amendment and supplement of Decree № I-45 providing that newly registered EVs after 01.10.2020 will bear green reflective plates and the number is on black font. The owners of previously registered EV’s can choose whether or not to change to green plates, which would make their cars immediately recognisable as EVs for any future privileges.

Furthermore, municipalities across Bulgaria continue to develop an infrastructure of EV charging stations. As part of town planning, earlier this year the architect-surveyor of Sofia approved schemes for the placement of 25 new EV charging stations.

Similar projects are going on in several of Sofia's outlying districts, linked to the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

In line with creating an EV friendly environment in Bulgaria, on 2 September 2019 the National Eco Trust Fund (NETF) announced that it would be financing projects under under the Investment Climate Program (ICP) for the purchase of entirely electric vehicles (EVEs) or hybrid vehicles (Plug-ins).

Through these projects, the central administration, its territorial units and municipalities will be able to apply for funding for the acquisition of a maximum of three vehicles for public use.

There will be no requirements regarding choice of contractors and the call will remain open for three months until December 2.

The total amount to be allocated will be BGN 120,000 (EUR 60,000) for the following grants: BGN 20,000 for EVEs (category M1/N1 and L7e); BGN 10,000 for a Plug-ins (category M1/N1); BGN 30,000 for EVEs (category M1/N); and BGN 40,000 for EVEs (category M2/N2).

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