Even if 5G is a global trend, its deployment is not homogenous in geography


Across countries, 5G will develop at different speeds and with different features. Some technical parameters are common; the same cannot be said for regulation. Therefore, it is critical to identify the differences in 5G regulation between the main jurisdictions if we are to be able to develop a roadmap for 5G’s future deployment. CMS is best placed for this task. With its global network of offices, CMS can provide local advice on the changes being made to national legal frameworks in anticipation of the arrival of 5G.

CMS Expert Guide to 5G compares:

  • The current state of 5G deployment;
  • The main telcos and communications players launching 5G services;
  • The government’s statement regarding spectrum licenses for commercial use;
  • The current rules for 5G (if already drafted);
  • The rules for granting competitors access to the new 5G networks.

The paper includes summaries of some of the key 5G related regulatory positions being taken in 40 jurisdictions. We hope this information will be valuable for investors, telecom companies and even regulators.