Impact of COVID-19 on Public Procurement


The COVID-19 crisis is having a serious impact on the economy and businesses. In these circumstances, public procurement can be of even greater importance than usual and various questions arise, such as:

  • Are public procurement procedures automatically suspended due to the corona pandemic and, if not, are contracting authorities suspending procedures on their own initiative?
  • Does the current situation allow extended use of special procedures or special measures during a procurement procedure (accelerated timeline, use of electronic means)?
  • Are the deadlines for remedies automatically suspended?
  • How can existing contracts be modified or extended in the context of the current situation?

In many countries the legal situation is changing rapidly, and time is valuable. CMS Public Procurement team has prepared a brief but comprehensive overview of the main developments in over 20 countries. The overview includes links to articles or official guidance for further information on each country.

To see the overview of the impact of COVID-19 on public procurement, click "Download publication".