CMS On the Pulse episode #2: A legal framework for advertising of medicines and medical devices


The Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Sector Group is delighted to launch the latest episode in its new video/podcast series, On the Pulse.

The series brings together CMS lawyers and experts to discuss key industry topics impacting, innovating and disrupting the life sciences & healthcare sector.

In Episode #2, Nick Beckett discusses with Dora Petranyi (Hungary), Jens Wagner (Germany) and Gabriela Staber (Austria) the advertising of medicines and medical devices providing practical insights and an overview of the applicable laws.

In the episode, we consider:

  • the complicated and fast changing area of regulation of advertisements with different rules in different jurisdictions
  • how to verify that scientific evidence is sufficient to substantiate claims
  • the use of advertising in social media and other promotional campaigns
  • the approach of the authorities to new entrants to the market including in times of crisis
  • risks associated with competitors or consumer protection organisations filing claims
  • the potential impact of MDR on advertising of medical devices

Watch the video here or listen to the podcast here. You can also subscribe to the podcast here.

This episode supports our guide, ‘Advertising of Medicines and Medical Devices’. The guide provides high level information on life sciences and healthcare advertising in 27 jurisdictions and offers a quick and simple understanding of the applicable laws. Click here to view the guide here or visit our CMS Expert Guide page here.