CMS On the Pulse episode #3: Digital health law, regulations and developments – Part 1


The Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Sector Group is delighted to launch the latest episode in its new video/podcast series, On the Pulse.

The series brings together CMS lawyers and experts to discuss key industry topics impacting, innovating and disrupting the life sciences & healthcare sector.

In Episode #3 - Digital Health - Part 1, Nick Beckett discusses digital health with Rob Flaws (Dubai), Niall McAlister (UK) and Roland Wiring (Germany).

In this episode (Part 1), we discuss:

  • the need for collaborations and to deal with a potential clash of cultures in bringing the “digital” and “health” sides of the industry together
  • the use of AI in track-and-trace and the search for a vaccine for COVID-19
  • the lack of clarity of the definition of AI
  • whether the EC White Paper sufficiently provides a comprehensive proposal for regulation of AI, and whether new legislation is required
  • where liability rests in respect of software

Watch the video here or listen to the podcast here. You can also subscribe to the podcast here.

This episode supports our guide, ‘AI Life Sciences'.

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