Belt and Road: the view from China

Available languages: ZH

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) continues to evolve. Its participants are increasingly looking to meet the trends of the future. Affordable projects, embracing modern technologies and methods, as well the “open, green and clean” approach of BRI 2.0, will often be those that stand the greatest chance of success – a point underlined by China’s recently announced target for carbon neutrality and President Xi Jinping’s call for a green recovery of the world economy.

But how are the unprecedented difficulties of 2020, including the global pandemic and trade disputes, affecting the prospects of BRI?

Belt and Road: the view from China is the first of a series of reports that assess the challenges for BRI and the steps that BRI participants can take to achieve both success for themselves and a positive future for BRI. In the first half of 2020, CMS and TianTong Law Firm surveyed 500 senior executives to gauge their views on various aspects of the Belt and Road Initiative. Of the 500 respondents, 100 were from Chinese entities. All respondents were either currently active or planning to participate in BRI projects.

This report is intended primarily for a Chinese readership (both from domestic and foreign invested entities) and is therefore available in both English and Chinese. The report examines:

  • Why Chinese participants in BRI are more generally positive about it than non-Chinese participants, and how this may be resolved.
  • The effects of Covid-19 on BRI, and new enthusiasm for the Health Silk Road.
  • How to mitigate BRI risk and manage disputes.
  • Potential trends in the financing of BRI projects.
  • The impact of BRI 2.0.

Click here to download the report and watch the video "BRI - introducing our report on China".