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Hosted by CMS Pensions experts this series looks ahead at the key issues developing in the pensions sector with a specific focus on what you need to know, and practically, what you need to do.

This is the first episode in a three-part series on pensions de-risking. In this episode James Parker is joined by Ian Aley from Willis Towers Watson and Amy Kessler from Prudential Financial, Inc. to discuss longevity swaps.

In particular, the group looks at:

  • What is longevity risk and what is a longevity swap?
  • What determines if / when schemes undertake a longevity swap or buy-in?
  • What is the legal structure of a longevity swap?
  • Market activity and factors driving activity; and
  • COVID-19 - Should trustees defer longevity swaps or other de-risking transactions.

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