CMS on your radar | Issue 14


Welcome to the latest edition of On your radar, which is a story of two halves…

First, we take the opportunity to look back at developments during 2020, in many cases highlighting those that you may have missed given the pandemic. As you would expect, COVID-19 related changes dominated the global employment law landscape generally, as many countries introduced support schemes and measures to limit/prevent pandemic dismissals. While some examples of COVID-19 measures are highlighted here, you can visit International legal & commercial implications of Coronavirus (COVID-19) for a greater wealth of insights.

Second, each jurisdiction also looks ahead, flagging some key areas to be aware of during 2021, where employers need to keep up to date with a wide range of developments, with a wider focus than COVID-19. Progressive policies that enhance employee rights and persity are clear themes. In Spain they are extending the scope of companies covered by equality plans and in Switzerland from the start of this year workers will be entitled to leave paid by the employer to care for family members or life partners. The pandemic’s impact will, meantime, leave a permanent mark on the world of work, and other changes in Germany, Russia and Colombia for example, attention turns to regulation of home work.

As always, we hope you find On your radar interesting and informative. Please speak to your usual CMS Employment contact if you would like to explore any of the issues raised.

The CMS Employment Team

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