Coronavirus Protection Certificate


The Hungarian government has just issued Decree No. 60/2021 (II.12.) on the Certification of Protection Against Coronavirus, setting down detailed rules on how individuals can prove that they are protected against infection by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

In order to receive an official protection certificate, individuals must prove the following:

  • recovery from COVID-19 within the time limits laid down in the Decree; or
  • inoculation with a COVID-19 vaccine authorised and used to vaccinate the population in the EU and/or in Hungary.

The protection certificate issued to eligible individuals will contain a serial number, an optically readable data storage code, and the individual’s name, passport number, identity card number and identifier, the time of vaccination and the type of vaccination.

If the protection certificate is based on proof of recovery, the validity date will be the day six months following the day when the person concerned recovered from the infection.

The protection certificate is valid together with the presentation of an identity card or passport. It is non-transferable, and individuals can check the rights related to the certificate at the website.

The day of recovery from an infection is based on the date specified in the Electronic Health Services Area (Elektronikus Egészségügyi Szolgáltatási Tér - EESZT) according to:

  • the date of the negative result to a molecular biological test, following the last positive molecular biological test or rapid antigen test;
  • the tenth day following the last positive coronavirus antigen rapid test or molecular biological test (in the absence of a negative coronavirus molecular biological test).

If a rapid antigen test or a molecular biological test for the detection of a coronavirus with a positive result is not recorded in the EESZT, the individual should be able to certify through the results of a test performed in a laboratory by a healthcare provider operating in Hungary that the antibody against the coronavirus is present. The date of validity will be the day four months following the date of the test for the presence of the antibody.

The Decree contains the deadlines and lists the competent authorities for the issuance of the protection certificate, together with other administrative details on official registration requirements.

The operator of the EESZT is also operating the application for coronavirus vaccination. After the identification of the individual on the basis of data obtained from the EESZT, the application shows the individual’s name, social security (TAJ) number, the time and the type of vaccination, and the presence or absence of protection against infection.

We will monitor the upcoming legislation on the permitted use of the protection certificates.

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