CMS On the Pulse episode #8: A legal overview on public procurement for the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector


The Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Sector Group is delighted to release the latest episode in its video/podcast series, On the Pulse.

The series brings together CMS lawyers and experts to discuss key industry topics impacting, innovating and disrupting the life sciences & healthcare sector.

In Episode #8 – public procurement, Nick Beckett talks with Virginie Dor (Belgium), Bernt Elsner (Austria) and Caroline Hobson (UK).

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the importance of public procurement in the Healthcare sector, representing approximately 10% of GDP in the E.U.
  • the challenges for public procurement in extreme and unforeseen emergencies, including COVID-19
  • the scrutiny of direct awards and potential legal challenges and sanctions
  • the joint centralised procurement of vaccines in short timeframes and the benefits and pitfalls of such approach
  • in what circumstances exclusivity, including due to IP rights or technical barriers, can justify derogation from public procurement procedures
  • what changes do U.K. companies face in public procurement procedures in the E.U., and vice versa, in light of Brexit

Watch the video here or listen to the podcast here. You can also subscribe to the podcast here.

We will also be live streaming the video at the CMS LinkedIn account at 10am GMT/11am CET/2pm GST/6pm HKT on 25 March.

For more information on public procurement and the issues we have discussed, contact us or your regular CMS experts.

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