Watch On-Demand - Managing Investigations Video Series: Privilege

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Our latest video in the Managing Investigations: Planning, Pressures and Pitfalls series is now available to watch on-demand on

In this extended video, we discuss the complex issue of Privilege, including guidance on protecting privilege and sharing documents with third parties, regulators, and prosecutors. Presented by experts from our Risk & Investigations team, the video also provides top tips to maximise the chances to cloak internal investigations under privilege.

With increased internal reporting of concerns within businesses and with complex regulatory, criminal and HR investigations becoming more commonplace, corporates need an increasingly robust and considered approach to investigations to manage legal and reputational risk.

This series addresses some of the common issues corporates encounter when facing an investigation.

Topics covered to date include:

  • Episode 1 - The first 24 hours - starting on the right foot
  • Episode 2 - Reporting to Regulators and Authorities
  • Episode 3 - Witness Interviews

Click below to watch the videocast.