Update: CMS Expert Guide to International Arbitration - Asia-Pacific region

Asia Pacific Region

We are pleased to let you know that the fourth volume of the CMS Expert Guide to International Arbitration has been published, covering three jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region, namely Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea.

The previous three volumes cover 34 countries in MENA, CEE and Western Europe. Further chapters for additional jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region will follow in due course, together with further volumes covering the Americas and South and East Africa.

Despite arbitration having long been the preferred method for resolving international commercial disputes, certain key elements of arbitration law still vary across these and other jurisdictions.

The fully updated Guide is now in its fifth iteration and is the first to be entirely online. It does not seek to provide an exhaustive academic analysis, but rather a comprehensive, practical and user-friendly insight into the legal frameworks for arbitration across the globe.

To access the CMS Expert Guide to International Arbitration, please click on "Download publication".

We hope you find the Guide useful. Should you require more information or specific advice, whether in the jurisdictions covered here or beyond, please contact the authors identified in each chapter, or your usual CMS contact.