CMS International Disputes Digest - 2021 Summer Edition


Welcome to the 2021 summer edition of our International Disputes Digest, a bi-annual publication featuring analysis and commentary on the key trends currently shaping the global dispute resolution market.

As the world emerges from the pandemic, global businesses in almost every sector face unprecedented challenges. To help you manage risk as you move forward into the post-COVID era, we bring you information on the latest legislative developments from around the world, news on vital global issues, and our take on the most promising opportunities and most daunting challenges that lie ahead.

In this edition we discuss the most pressing issues of the day, including climate change and BREXIT. As businesses adjust to the reality of the UK's exit from the EU, our experts offer analysis on the enforcement of jurisdiction clauses and civil judgments. As for the environment, our experts explore the international rise in climate-change litigation and how rulings resulting from these cases could impact business in key industries.

Even though we all hope that COVID-19 will soon be behind us, the pandemic is leaving its mark. This edition discusses the development of hybrid dispute resolution procedures that continue to emerge from the disruption wrought by the pandemic on court systems across Europe and around the world.

In terms of global trends, our experts also explore the rise in emergency arbitration, recent developments in arbitration law in Singapore, the revision of International Bar Association rules on the taking of evidence in international arbitration, and how international arbitration is keeping in step with legal reforms and changing times.

In the EU, our experts analyse precedent-setting case-law by the CJEU exploring whether subsidiaries are liable for the infringements of their parent companies.

Finally, for those who see a more litigious future, our experts examine several effective strategies to mitigate the risk of litigation, particularly given the spate of disputes resulting from the pandemic.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition of our International Disputes Digest.