Download the latest ‘CMS Pensions LawCast’ episode #28 - TPR's Single Code

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Hosted by CMS Pensions experts this series looks ahead at the key issues developing in the pensions sector with a specific focus on what you need to know, and practically, what you need to do.

In this episode Jae Fassam and Hadassah Shulman are joined by Louise Webb and Simon Lewis from Punter Southall Governance Services to discuss the TPR’s Single Code.

In particular, the group looks at:

  • What is the Single Code?
  • What is new in the Single Code?
  • Thoughts and insight from the experts at PSGS

Punter Southall Governance Services have published more information on the single code here and information on persity in pension communications here.

Watch the video herehere or listen to the podcast .