CMS Expert Guide to advertising regulations

Southeast Europe

Although the advertising industry’s role remains to establish and manage the connections between companies and their products on one hand and consumers on the other, advertising has developed considerably in recent years. Once dominated by aggressive »one-size-fits-all« billboards with flashing lights and bright colours, advertising now relies on subtle messages carefully positioned in the digital realm, content marketing, personalized messaging, and ‘storitization’ (bespoke narratives aimed at inpiduals). Thanks to the AI now available, the sky is the limit for new advertising approaches and tactics in the future.

Advertising seems to be ubiquitous in the post-pandemic world and so it is appropriate that there are legal restrictions in place not only safeguarding customer privacy (like the GDPR) but also limiting the advertising industry's reach.

Giving an overview of such regulations is one of the aims of our new Expert Guide to Advertising, which answers some of the most important questions about sector-specific advertising. We deal with advertising issues related to adult content, tobacco, alcohol, healthcare products, financial services, travelling, advertising in politics, and even the language used – all from a legal perspective.

Don’t miss out on our Guide, it may affect or even re-energize your advertising strategy.