Download the new ‘Tech Innovation Asia' video/podcast episode #1

Australia, Asia-Pacific

Our commercial and technology team in Asia-Pacific introduce to you the new video/podcast series, Tech Innovation Asia, for professionals dealing with legal, compliance, intellectual property and regulatory issues.

The series brings together CMS lawyers and experts within the Asia-Pacific region to discuss key legal news and developments which are impacting the legal and business landscape across the region.

In this episode, Nick Beckett (China/Hong Kong) chats with Jonathan Chu (Hong Kong) and Sheena Jacob (Singapore) about data protection, particularly:

  • Does Asia need a GDPR equivalent?
  • The new China PIPL - should companies be concerned?
  • Cross-border transfers of personal data in Asia - cutting through the thicket
  • So you have a breach in Asia - how to manage a data breach in this part of the world
  • Cybersecurity laws and regulation of critical sectors - the new national security frontier

To access the discussion, click here (video) and here (audio). You can also subscribe to the podcast here.

For more information on data protection and the issues we have discussed, contact us or your regular CMS experts.