The Road to the (Autonomous) Future


It is no longer possible to discuss the future of transport without the question of autonomation being raised. The question of ‘how long’ until Autonomous Vehicle (AV) deployment becomes a reality has been a stumbling block for many developers and manufacturers over the last thirty years. This article explores a broad range of topics raised in relation to AVs, including questions of safety and user liability, international insights, type approval, data collection and application, and current events.

With the quick pace at which the world is changing with emerging technologies, it seems likely that AVs will take a central spot within this market. This article discusses some of the progress being made and looks into the regulatory landscape required to support an autonomous future, as well as the possibility for AVs to be used to address issues faced in light of current issues such as driver shortages, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the move towards a carbon neutral future.

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Article co-authored by Alison Hetherington, Trainee Solicitor at CMS UK.