Why do start-ups fail? “At Centre Stage” Episode#3


We are pleased to announce that our latest episode of our video/podcast series “At centre stage” is now available online.

What is “At centre stage”?

Our video/podcast series “At centre stage” presents themed content dedicated to professionals, legal advisors operating in a selected sector, and all stakeholders who need to understand the forces driving that sector – especially emerging sectors. In the fast-changing economy the best way to understand where companies are headed is to talk with the companies themselves. We will reveal the obstacles they face, how they envisage the future of their industry, and how they avoid any legal traps they might encounter while pursuing their business goals.

So, from start-ups to big market players, we put companies “at centre stage” – and spice up the mix by having a CMS legal professional join them for a half-hour moderated discussion. We will dig deep into the specifics of all future-facing sectors.

Epsiode #3: Why do start-ups fail?

Episode# 3 in the “At centre stage” series is dedicated to start-ups. True, it’s not an industry or sector. But nonetheless, the majority of market leaders, especially in fast-paced industries such as technology and life sciences, began as start-ups. There are particularities in the way they operate, but for success on the market it is necessary to understand a few dos and don’ts.

Monika Kek PhD, the CEO (and also the founder) of BluHeera AG, a Switzerland based boutique consulting company which provides professional services to the smaller but high-risk enterprises, such as start-ups, and Saša Sodja, a highly experienced attorney-at-law at CMS Slovenia with a tax background, savvy in advising start-ups as well corporates with corporate, commercial and tax legal challenges, dissect the mistakes start-ups make that hinder their development.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Importance of legal and business structure;
  • Are investors the angels?;
  • Transparency and compliance;
  • Protection of know-how and IP.

Watch the video or listen to the podcast here: Why do start-ups fail? At centre stage - Episode #3: (cms.law)

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