Putting the ‘S’ in ‘ESG’ - Lexicon of most important terms and phrases within the Social aspect of ESG


Companies across all sectors and markets are increasingly being evaluated on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) actions. ESG factors are now being used to determine the level of risk a company presents, its investability – even its creditworthiness.

But although there has been a strong business focus on good governance for many years, and environmental issues have risen rapidly up the corporate agenda, the ‘social’ element of ESG has tended to take a backseat or has been misunderstood.

However, positive social actions in a company are now proving critical – not only to a company’s financial performance and reputation but to its ability to attract and retain talent.

Your essential lexicon

At CMS we are committed to helping companies understand and navigate the social element of ESG – both in terms of specific regulation but also the broader expectations now being placed on employers.

Our Lexicon – Putting the ‘S’ in ‘ESG – explains more than 40 terms and phrases that are essential to understanding social factors in the workplace and taking action to show that your business is committed to creating a business that genuinely puts people first. From anti-discrimination to codes of conduct, gender pay gap reporting to whistleblowing, here’s your first-step guide to putting positive social action at the heart of your business.

Publication co-authored by Dennis Fromm, Business Development Manager at CMS Berlin and further supported by the CMS Employment Associate Initiative.

Embedding the ‘S’ in ESG in the workplace

11 May 2022 at 16 h CET

We invite you to a webinar where we aim to show some of the approaches followed by companies that have embedded social excellence in their employment practices. We will discuss which legal requirements played a part and how companies measure progress in this area.

From advertising job vacancies through designing employee benefits to delivering training & development programmes, there are numerous ways companies can foster a culture of mutual engagement between employer and employees that goes beyond what’s legally required of them and then broadcast the fact in a market-savvy way.

This one-hour webinar will explore:

  • What is ESG in the corporate world?
  • What are the benefits of introducing and maintaining a developed ESG policy and practices?
  • What falls under 'S'? Examples from different jurisdictions and what measurements there are. Advice on HR practices.
  • How and who needs to be involved when introducing an ESG policy/ESG practices in a company?

The session will also introduce a tool you can use to do a self-check for your company.

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