On-Site Power Solutions: A Guide for Large Energy Users


CMS are pleased to announce publication of On-Site Power Solutions: A Guide for Large Energy Users. This new guide offers a market-leading overview of the challenges and opportunities for large-scale commercial and industrial electricity users considering on-site power solutions. It contains insight from leading lawyers in the field and examines market drivers, business models and future developments.

With the current drive for net zero together with high energy costs, scrutiny over energy security and ever developing technology options, the opportunities and risks associated with on-site generation and storage have never been more relevant.

Our guide considers the often complex legal options associated with these projects. For example, participation in a heavily-regulated yet rapidly evolving sector. It stresses that, because of the rate of regulatory change and high degree of interdependency between parties to on-site power projects, the legal challenges are easily underestimated. It cuts through government policy, which is often pro-green on initial reading, to examine the nuanced position often taken in respect of support for on-site or “behind the meter” power projects.

Featuring spotlights on Germany, France, Portugal and the UK (amongst others), the guide offers a comprehensive and multi-jurisdictional review. Analysis covers types of projects and key parties, the incentives currently available and the scope for long term support. In this sense it is future-facing; it outlines our expectations for on-site generation in the years ahead. The guide culminates in a Heads of Terms Issues Checklist, which concisely addresses key initial legal project considerations that can be easily overlooked, as a framework for energy users to work from.

If you have any questions relating to the On-site Power Solutions or how we can support large energy users, please get in touch.