Setting up a sustainable ESG data collection system - At centre stage: Episode #6


In the sixth episode of At Centre Stage we will address a topic which is high on the agenda of many businesses around the globe – sustainable development. This is particularly true in Europe, where the Green Deal as well as a Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive on their way, both of which will extend the existing reporting requirements for large companies on the social and environmental impacts of their activities. So, sustainable development is not just a buzzword, even if many companies are still not taking the subject seriously enough.

Our guests will be Sonja Radović and Saša Sodja. Sonja is an attorney-at-law with nearly ten years of working experience as well as founder of Codio Impact, a venture whose mission is to help companies set up an automated system for collecting and managing Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) data as well as creating a reporting system which responds effortlessly to increasingly demanding requests from the market, the regulators, and other stakeholders. Saša, a partner at CMS Slovenia, is deeply involved in CMS Slovenia’s effort to become a sustainable law firm—not just relative to Slovenia, but the wider CEE region. Together they will dig up some hard nuggets of truth related to this topic—especially important, since it is so easy for a company to be accused of greenwashing if it is not careful.

Click here to watch the video, listen to the podcast or read the transcript of the lively debate on the topics currently rousing the country’s business, legal and political community.