CMS International Disputes Digest - 2022 Summer Edition


The summer edition of the CMS International Disputes Digest, a bi-annual publication that highlights, explores and analyses the latest trends in the global dispute-resolution sector, is now published.

Although the worst of COVID-19 seems to be over, the world is both struggling with the pandemic's aftermath and preparing for the possible spread of new variants. At the same time, supply-chain deficiencies, global inflation, rising energy prices and the war in Ukraine represent yet more uncertainties the international business community must face in the immediate future. We hope this publication provides you with the resources, knowledge and confidence to overcome whatever difficulties the future may hold.

In this edition, our colleagues consider how the pandemic has irrevocably impacted the world of dispute resolution. CMS expert Rob Wilson is interviewed about the current trend to make the international dispute resolution process more environmentally sustainable and how the legacy of COVID-19 was a catalyst for reform.