Technology Transformation - Consumer Products & Retail


Digitalisation has transformed how consumer products are manufactured, distributed and sold.

The push to maintain a competitive advantage, drives increased investment in new technologies. This investment may reduce operational cost and ease the retention of legacy systems, but what challenges arise and how do businesses approach the changing risk profile?

This report is a deep pe into data first produced for the report Technology Transformation: Managing Risks in a Changing Landscape. In the original report we surveyed over 500 corporate counsel and risk managers from multiple industries across the world.

Here, we look in detail at the 75 respondents surveyed in the consumer and retail sector, and their perspectives on the risks associated with business-critical technologies, including emerging technologies. Our survey shows that businesses across the sector, whether retailers or manufacturers, have the same concerns but the influences on the adoption of technology, the resulting risks, and the approaches taken to mitigate or resolve those risks vary depending on whether or not the business involves a direct sales relationship with the consumer.

Download the consumer and retail sector report now to read about:

  • Drivers of technology adoption in the consumer and retail sector
  • New risks emerging and traditional barriers to risk management
  • Current technology risks in the consumer and retail sector
  • Future risks and measures to deal with them
  • Preferred approaches to technology dispute resolution for the consumer and retail sector

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