Technology Transformation – Financial Services


The Financial Services (FS) sector is a leader in protecting its tech infrastructure, reflecting the high degree of scrutiny from regulators. FS firms are at a tipping point, with large incumbents eying smaller firms and fintechs for their IP and skills to remain competitive while considering upgrades to legacy systems. Simultaneously, regulation is changing to reflect new and emerging technologies and threats.

This report is a deep pe into data first produced for the report Technology Transformation: Managing Risks in a Changing Landscape. This saw over 500 people surveyed from multiple industries across the world.

Here we look in detail at the 85 respondents from the FS sector, and their perspectives on the risks associated with business-critical technologies, including emerging technologies. This sector is more highly regulated than most of the other sectors surveyed, with many historical tech disputes relating to regulation. But the focus of regulation is shifting, and so are the risks affecting this sector.

Download the Technology Transformation Financial Services report now to read about:

  • Drivers of technology adoption in the financial services sector
  • New risks emerging and traditional barriers to risk management
  • Current technology risks in the financial services sector
  • Future risks, including AI and cryptocurrencies, and measures to deal with them
  • Preferred approaches to technology dispute resolution for the financial services sector

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