Tune into the latest ‘CMS Pensions LawCast’ episode #44 - Pensions Dashboards taskforce - what's coming up in this area

United Kingdom

Hosted by CMS Pensions experts this series looks ahead at the key issues developing in the pensions sector with a specific focus on what you need to know, and practically, what you need to do.

In this episode Jennifer Bell, Chris Ransom and Katie Becher, provide an update on the Pensions Dashboards and what's coming up in this area, followed by a brief Q&A.

In particular, they look at:

  • What are Pensions Dashboards?;
  • Connecting to Pensions Dashboards;
  • Matching the right person with the correct pension; and
  • Information to provide to members.

Watch the video here or listen to the podcast here.

A summary of the key takeaways of our discussion can be found here.

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