Tune into the latest ‘CMS Pensions LawCast’ episode #45 - What's on the Pensions agenda for 2023?

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Hosted by CMS Pensions experts, this series looks ahead at the key issues developing in the pensions sector with a specific focus on what you need to know, and practically, what you need to do.

Episode #45 – What's on the Pensions agenda for 2023?

In this episode, Kate Richards, Gerard Cole and Megan Murphy, provide an update on the year ahead across the pensions industry that will define 2023.

In particular, the group looks at:

  • DB Funding Code;
  • High Inflation;
  • Notifiable events and blogs;
  • Illiquid assets;
  • Exit Agreements;
  • ICO and international transfers;
  • Single Code of Practice; and
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

Watch the video here or listen to the podcast here.

CMS have published more information on Pensions Investment and Risk in their latest briefing available here.

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